At this time of year you probably get asked what you’d like for Christmas from various friends and family members and I thought it might be nice to put together a list of gifts that might benefit your health and wellbeing rather than perhaps the usual chocolates and cheap smellies??? 
I’ve popped in links (sorry it is Amazon- but please feel free to look on alternative shopping channels) and prices, I’ve gone cheapest to highest so have a scan down…. 
Epsom Salts- From £4 
Colouring books for mindfulness (sorry it made me laugh!!)- From £5 
Snood for walking/running/golf- From £6 
Water bottle with daily lines on- From £7 
Horseshoe water bottle- From £8 
Hot water bottle on body holder – a certain PT might have suggested this!!!- From £14 
Bluetooth Headband Headphones- From £15 
Diffusers for Radiations to put aromatherapy oil into- From £15 
Herbal Teas- £15 
Foam Roller and massage options- £20 
Veg Box Voucher- From £25 
Infrared Massager for shoulders- £28.00 
Mindfulness subscription vouchers. You can gift via link 3 months for £30 
Recipe Box Voucher- From £30 gift vouchers 
Obviously not an exhaustive list but will give you an idea….. Happy Holidays!!! 
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