Post-surgery Massage 

Post-surgery Massage 

In our experience, deep tissue massage on post-surgical scar tissue has amazing benefits, many client who have felt that they would always have pain post-surgery within as little as one session have had relief from the discomfort, these surgeries include knee replacement, hip surgery and breast reduction surgery. 
The soft tissue work aids in breaking down the scar tissue allowing freer movement of the joint, less pulling of the actual scar tissue itself and the release of any nerves which have been compressed. 

Tools for Massage 

I was always a bit of a massage tools snob thinking it was a bit of a cop out that my hands were far superior to trying to use a tool for massage and how could I get feedback. However, a colleague introduced me to the quality steel tools of and now I use this where indicated in deep tissue work. 
The various edges of my ‘dolphin’ tool can be used for fascial release, scar tissue break down and to mobilize into really tight joint that even my ‘iron thumbs’ can’t get into. The client can really assist in their own recovery because they can really feel the difference in vibration which indicated areas of inflammation. 
A great addition to my skill set. 

"Just to say how grateful I have been for your therapy" 

You are a star and worked wonders. My walking is greatly improved and the pain gone. As good as normal!" 
(Mrs M Simpson following 3 sessions on her pelvis scar tissue post surgery). 
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