Sports Injuries 

In the past, sports injuries have been examined and treated as separate problems and considered in isolation from the rest of the body.  
Treatment has only been to the injured part. Here we consider all the factors which may have led up to and contributed to the injury (the etiology) these are often just as important as the injury itself and may slow or even prevent total and speedy repair. 
Our approach helps the body to function as it should, ‘for you and your sport’, the ‘whole’ body works better and there is greater potential for improved performance as the natural consequence. 

What Injuries can we treat? 

We can assist the sportsman or sportswoman with complaints as varied as back pain and tennis elbow, or hip problems and recurrent muscle injuries. When a sportsperson consults us we examine the posture and condition of those parts, which make the human body a dynamic machine - these include the muscles, ligaments and tendons of all joints from head to toe.  
We examine the strength and flexibility of these tissues and consider how well adapted they are to the individual sportsperson and the chosen sport. This approach is suited for the treatment of complex and/or recurrent injuries. 

Injury Prevention 

As part of your ongoing treatment, we look at those issues within the body which have led to the injury, and then determine the best course of action to prevent recurrence ie if poor upper body posture is leading to a compromised head position and therefore neck and shoulder problems, we will prescribe a course of exercises to redress the postural imbalance. Mobility of the body is of the utmost importance to an athlete.  
Poor flexibility in the joints will prevent the body performing at its best and is often an important contributory element to injury. By using manual techniques, we provide the body with the best environment for repair, and enable it to function normally. Advice on self-care is always given to maximise the effects of treatment and minimise the possibility of recurrence. This may include specific exercises, technique tips, postural advice etc. 

Who can it help? 

Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or an elite professional, we can help with the prevention & treatment of common sporting injuries. Here at the Refresh Wellness we have an experienced team of therapists/trainers with many sporting connections. Our disciplines include, swimming, netball, track, martial arts, horse riding & cycling. 

Work Related Strain 

This type of injury is becoming an increasing problem for many people. 350 million working days are lost in Britain each year as a result of occupational strain. There are many conditions associated with work – these are largely due to disorders of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints – particularly the arms, hands and back. Causes of these problems vary from: 
Whether driving a car, a bus or a lorry, or even as a passenger, you can suffer driving related back pain. Driving can give you neck pain, headaches, eyestrain, shoulder pain, wrist & elbow pain, back pain, hip & knee pain and foot & ankle pain. 
In all these cases, we can help to reduce pain and your offer advice on back pain management, including simple stretches to prevent problems in the future. 
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI’s) include Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tenosynovitis and Tennis & Golfers Elbow (Epicondylitis). 
Manual Handling & Lifting injuries include pulled muscles & tendons, ‘slipped discs’ (Intervertebral Disc Strains), ‘Sciatica’ and low back pain. 
Poor Working Posture can contribute to daily aches and pains whether you lift heavy loads, sit at the PC incorrectly or drive for long periods. An Osteopath can correct or advise on posture and movement, as well as give you instructions on back care and preventative exercises. 
Habitual bad posture as a result of a poorly designed work station can place undue strain on the spine so creating back and neck ache. This is very common across occupations as administrative or managerial staff sit at desks all day, factory workers stand on a production line for hours on end, while sales reps & lorry drivers sit in vehicles and plumbers, electricians & carpenters work in the most awkward of positions. 
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