All of the trainers at Refresh Wellness have worked in commercial gyms and found that this style of gym was too restrictive and often the equipment not sufficient to create even an adequate exercise programme.  
Therefore we have all moved away from the commercial environment and into freelance, which gives the freedom to work in a setting that suits the needs of the individual client. 
The important word here is Personal. You should never see a trainer using the same programme for more than one client, as each person is unique and has unique wants, needs and goals. 
All of our trainers have undergone more than the commercial gym basic training, each seeking to expand their knowledge and all with advanced level qualifications. If we were to register with REPS (not necessary!), we would all be level 3 if you need to quantify it. 
We all practice what we preach. We live our lives mindful of health but are realistic in our treatment of clients. In most sessions, if you are present mentally, you will glean far more information than just an exercise session, we will be guiding you through nutrition, what water to drink, where to buy your food, which organic box companies to use, how to balance your hormonal levels etc. That is the personal. 
All PT clients start with an assessment to determine their goals (one of us once had a potential PT client cry because she had interviewed 6 Personal Trainers and they were the only one to ask what she wanted). Both trainer and client have to know where you are aiming for and this should be re-assessed periodically. 
Personal training is a bit of a generic term, and with so many unique goals, it is important to find a trainer you get on with, so have a look at our profiles and arrange to meet up with whomever you believe is best suited for your needs. 
Something that all of us do is design programmes for you to do outside of your personal training session. If you only PT once a week or less you need to be motivating yourself to train at home or in a gym at least 2 or 3 further times a week. When you have someone updating these programmes every 4-6 weeks, it keeps you focused and motivation high. 
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