cold prevention and recovery
Crikey I’ve had 3 people cancel already this morning with colds, which prompts the annual how to stop getting colds and then how to get rid of them quicker: 
So this is lifestyle choices basically, at the beginning of Dec, start implementing these: 
Take a good quality probiotic every day – I use Biokult boosted. This is my cure-all prevent-all. 
Drink water “the solution for pollution is dilution” Paul Chek. Keep fresh water or fizzy water around in jugs, maybe chuck some orange or lemon segments in it. Drown those bugs!! 
Eat Anti-Inflammatory foods that boost your immune system – basically anything fresh and green and citrus fruits. 
Take 3000mg vitamin C every day….Lamberts is a good make. 
Take Vitamin D – we just can’t get enough here in the Uk in the winter. I go with 4000 IU from BetterYou. 
Take magnesium whether tablet (however I argue that 90% of people have gut inflammation which prevents absorption) therefore use a magnesium spray every night on your feet, helps you sleep too. I use Ancient Minerals or Zechstine (German magnesium is best quality) 
Magnesium – for the headache – take 400mg 
Epsom Salt bath – gets magnesium in through your skin 
Vitamin C – high dose 3000mg a day 
Coconut Water - rehydrates 
Ginger Tea – rehydrates, settles the stomach, stabilizes blood sugar if you’ve been caning the sore throat sweets!! 
Rest… don’t push through actually sit down and rest 
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