Reiki is used to balance the body, mind and spirit by channelling the energy of the universe.

It can benefit you by supporting your body’s natural healing ability, easing stress, easing physical problems and promoting mental and emotional well-being.

This treatment takes place clothed and can be received lying on a couch or seated. For this treatment it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing.

This treatment is ideal to combine with Indian Head Massage

Reiki Drum

Reiki Drumming uses the beat of the drum coupled with Usui Reiki healing to facilitate a changed state of consciousness. This changed state can be like conscious dreaming or meditation.. During the session drumming creates a sound stream which carries Reiki energy. This energy can then travel into your energy field accessing all parts of your body. A session generally lasts for a shorter period of time than a Reiki session (without the drum) as the sound facilitates deep healing. The practitioner gently drums over the body of the client and stops when intuitively guided to do so. The drumming is followed by Reiki (either over your body or via touch) to help further integrate the healing.

The drum can also be used to facilitate a Reiki Drum Journey. Please contact us for further details.