Crystal Therapies

May people are drawn to crystals (semi-precious stones) with no logical explanation. You might find yourself somewhere where there is a crystal and feel the need to handle it. Logically you may explain it with I wanted to feel if it was cold or it looked pretty. However it is on a more primitive level that we feel this attraction. Crystals are created in the miracle that is Mother Nature (look at a geology site for the science!), taking a lot of time and energy to create. I believe that some of this time and energy leaves an imprint on the crystal, or an inner energy (and maybe wisdom) that can be used to help us. At a basic level the attraction mentioned above is your bodies need for that energy. Some days you may want a Rose Quartz, others Obsidian. Some crystals due to their location of creation (and hence creation process) have certain properties. For example Rose Quartz in a great for love, while Moonstone is better for sleep.

Lilac Pearl uses crystals in several ways.

  • You might be recommended a crystal to carry with you
  • You might benefit from a Zephorium Soul Tonic spray (which contains crystal elixir)
  • You might have crystals combined in a Reiki treatment
  • You might purely have crystal healing where you lay with the crystals energy. Each crystal is chosen for you for its unique properties and is expertly placed and moved by the therapist

These little gems can bring about significant change and should not be underestimated!

Please remember to cleanse and charge any crystals regularly.